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About Kailash
The Heart of Yoga
Here is some feedback I have gratefully received:


Kailash is the best yoga teacher I have ever had. He is able to explain in detail each posture, while communicating the ultimate essence of yoga, which he envisions as a communion with oneself and one's environment.    Diep, ex-journalist, Radio Canada

Kailash est le meilleur professeur de yoga que j'ai eu. Il est capable a la fois d'expliquer en detail chaque mouvement, tout en communiquant l'ultime essence de la pratique du yoga, qu'il entrevoit comme une communion avec soi-meme et son environnement."    Diep, ex-journaliste, Radio Canada


I love his focus on precise alignment; his teaching is powerful yet nuanced and gentle at the same time. What a great teacher!    Welby, talent scout, Cirque du Soleil

Kailash gave one of the best classes I have had. I understood some of the postures properly for the first time under his guidance. Superb!    Yael, theatre producer

Kailash's yoga sessions help me to deepen my sitting meditation practice. With this yoga added in my daily routine, I feel more grounded and the connection between stillness, stretching and breath is felt more and more all day long. Thanks for bringing this awareness from yoga and meditation to daily life!    Jules, Cirque du Soleil



Precis et tres claire dans sa communication, l'enseignement de Kailash est une veritable source d'inspiration pour qui quiconque desir approfondir, sentir, ou decouvrir le mouvement dans l'immobilite de la posture et des bienfaits qui en decoulent.   Dominique, choreographe, directeur artistique de sa compagnie de danse

Precise and very clear in his communication, the teaching of Kailash is a real source of inspiration for everyone who wants to go deeper, to feel or discover movement in stillness and stillness in movement, and the well-being that flows from that.  Dominique, choreographer, dance company artistic director