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About Kailash

About Kailash
The Heart of Yoga

I was (re)born in 1964 in Singapore. I have been "on the path" for twenty years and have been practising yoga and meditation in their many forms for close to 15 years. I've spent most of my adult life travelling and living in India, Thailand, Europe and elsewhere. Over the years, I've spent many months in ashrams and monasteries throughout India and Thailand, immersing myself in silence and nature as I learned about the bodymind.

I have been blessed to have studied yoga with masters like Clive Sheridan and other great friends. In hatha yoga I resonate most strongly with the approaches of Erich Schiffmann and Dona Holleman. In India I have long been part of the community around renowned dharma teachers Christopher Titmuss and Jaya Ashmore.


On a broader level, I pay homage to the priceless teachings and practices of the Buddha, and also draw much inspiration from the teachings and teachers of advaita vedanta, especially Ramana, Nisargadatta and Papaji. A deep bow also to Krishnamurti. And to my teacher and friend, Ajay Pal Singh, no words are adequate or needed.

teaching the forward bend to someone with a kyphotic back is a challenge!


My motivation to teach springs from the overflowing desire to share this love of yoga. I have taught in various places in south Thailand, notably at The Sanctuary, and on various retreats in north India. I have also given regular classes and/or workshops in Singapore, Chiangmai and Montreal. Being also a teacher of language studies, I am known for bringing clear communication into my yoga classes (please see the Testimonials). I am also fluent in French.

As well, I have a strong interest in ayurveda and in bodywork and the therapeutic aspects of yoga. I have been trained in traditional Thai massage and somatics. Body and mind mirror each other. Through more personalised sessions, I can help individuals bring to awareness their particular holding patterns and show various series of gentle movements or asanas that can help undo knots in body and mind.


you are as young as your spine (and as ageless as the Ganga)


The photos on these pages were mostly taken outside Rishikesh, north India, in Koh Phangan, south Thailand, and in and near Montreal, Canada.