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Yoga with Kailash

About Kailash
The Heart of Yoga

Namaste. Welcome to my website, which, like the practice of yoga itself, is a constant work-in-progress. My name is Kailash and I would like to share with you my passion for yoga.

Yoga is not simply about putting your legs behind your head. Nor does it just belong to the "health and fitness" section. While these certainly do fall within its scope, yoga, for me, is ultimately about returning to stillness.

There are many ways to connect with stillness: through meditation, music, dance, tai chi, etc. The beauty and genius of hatha yoga lie in its use of body and breath as the vehicle to bring the heart and mind home to stillness.

When the body and breath are brought through awareness into perfect alignment, a state arises in which the prana or life energy flows freely without obstruction and the mind becomes very quiet, very still. In this state of stillness, all sense of doership in the pose drops away. Mind and body are fused in the moment. Yoga is about sustaining the delicate dance between effort and ease which allows this state of meditation to arise naturally.

This stillness is not at all passive or dull but intensely alive and vital. It is the source of fathomless depths of energy, creativity, joy, love and clarity, and is the seed potential for awakening.


The starting point is awareness, listening deeply to body and breath. Any asana or posture, no matter how advanced, if done with scattered mind, or done to impress (oneself or others), is beginners’ asana. Any asana, no matter how simple, done with total presence, is advanced asana.

With this as the baseline, my approach to yoga combines the precision of Iyengar form and alignment with the flow and energy of vinyasa, reflecting the diversity of traditions in which I have been immersed.


Do feel free to get in touch with any comments.